Coaching Options

business therapist - Danielle Wallace

Want to make a lot of money, but still have time for Netflix binging? We’ll plan for it!


Want to be inspired again? We’ll re-ignite that spark you once had. And if you never had it, we’ll discover it.


Want to figure out what to say in your marketing materials? Or how to communicate your business to other people? We can put that language together so your elevator pitch is clear, compelling, and even inspiring to others!



Do you want a business transformation?

Choose the plan that's right for you:

Meet with a Business strategy expert

Meet with me once, every week, every month, or once a quarter. We can conquer your business challenges one hour at a time!


My clients have started calling me “The Business Therapist” because I approach challenges with both a psychology and a business angle.


My goal is to leave you feeling focused, motivated, self-assured, and able to enjoy your business as it grows.

Book 1 hour

If you want to test the waters a little bit or if you’re just too busy to commit to more than one session right now. Just book one at a time!

Book 3 hours

When you book 3 hours, you can use them all at once or over time. Once a week, once a month, or once a quarter, you choose. 

Book 6 hours

Got a big event, or a big goal to reach? Book meetings with me and I’ll help you with accountability, planning, and make sure you reach that goal.

"One of the best decisions so far for 2022, you have been such a huge help to me!"
Robin Sagamang
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