Quick Start Business Strategy

Danielle Wallace Business Coach Wichita Kansas

After this 3-part program, you will have a focused vision and a niche target audience. You will be able to grow your business on solid ground. And you’ll do it burning a lot less midnight oil.


“I can’t decide if I love Danielle’s course more or Danielle herself. She helps you hone in on why you do what you do, who your audience is, and how to increase your profit margin.

Maria Nelson

“I love how Danielle sees things in you & your business that you may overlook.

She believes in her work and in your success! Easy to work with, relatable, savvy!

Ravon Kirkendoll


1: Inside Out

Part 1: Finding Your Divine Purpose
Part 2: Mindset Molding
Part 3: Personal Branding

After this module, you’re going to have a well-defined persona and tone for messaging that feels aligned with you and your values.

If you’ve lost your spark and wondering why you started your business in the first place, you will find those answers!

2: Noble Purpose

Part 1: Noble Purpose
Part 2: Defining Business Goals
Part 3: Finding Your Brand Personality

This module, you will figure out how your business makes the world a better place.

Then, you will set goals and build a plan to achieve those goals.

3: Client Blueprint

Part 1: Niche Down
Part 2: Mission/Vision
Part 3: Telling Your Brand Story

After this module, you’ll reveal the personality BEHIND the business.

Knowing how your business makes the world a better place will help you easily connect with your ideal client’s emotions and desires which creates demand for your business.

Are you ready to get started??